Man's best friend ... until one has shared the company of a dog, they cannot understand this simple truth!

Dog Adoption Process

To see and or adopt any of our animals you must first complete this Application and mail, fax, or email it to the address included. The application will be reviewed and you will be contacted to schedule an appointment to view and complete the adoption process. You are under no obligation to take any animal once the application is completed!

Once we receive your application, someone will contact you within 24-48 hours to review it and answer any specific questions you may have. Our dogs are shown by appointment only and are not kept at our main facility in Fairfax.

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Neutered Male
German Shepherd
80 lbs

Beautiful boy looking for his forever home. Not only is Bear gorgeous he is also extremely intelligent. He's loves to play with puppies and small dogs. He's housebroken and keeps an immaculate kennel. If you are looking for a loyal companion Bear is your match made in heaven. At 5 years young, Bear still loves to play and dreams of long walks with his special person. He must be placed in a home with older children. Please come and meet Bear and show him he, too, can have a forever home.

Beautiful boy!

Neutered Male
10 lbs

If happy go lucky, little wiggle butt, sweetie pie, kissy face, are the traits you've been searching for in your family pet, your search is over. Beau has all these qualities and much more. He's great with other dogs, and any age person and is the absolute perfect size for any lap. He's a 10 pound, 3 yr. old Dachshund with a black and tan coat. He's exited for the chance of a new forever home and is ready to hang up his stocking as soon as he gets one. His previous owner loved him dearly but due to a severe illness had to give him up. Beau is waiting for your visit!

Perfect little guy looking for some love!

Neutered Male
14 lbs

Little Bo may be 6 yrs. old but for the first time in his whole life he is free of chains and can act like a puppy if he wants. He is so happy now he will follow you anywhere and desperately wants to cuddle. He's a black and brown Beagle and only weighs 14 pounds. He's great with other dogs and loves, loves, loves anyone! This is your chance to give a really sweet boy a Christmas he will never forget. Come and meet Bojangles and get ready for some lovin.

Sweet boy ready for love!

Spayed Female
Jack Russell X
16 lbs

This little Elsa may not have starred in a recent motion picture (Frozen) but she can easily be the star of your home. She's a year old, very smart, very cute and very much wants to have her own family to love. She's has a white coat with a few brown spots and 16 pounds of cuteness. Elsa is good with other dogs and loves everyone. This cutie is ready to celebrate the holidays with you!

This little girl is a SUPERSTAR!

Neutered Male
Yorkie/Shih Tzu X
18 lbs

Get ready to put some serious loving in your life. Frizzy is here to do just that. This Shih Tzu and Yorkie mix is 6 yrs old and past those chewing, 24/7 playtime days but he sure does love attention. He's 18 pounds and incredibly cute with his half stand up ears. He was given up do to his owner not being able to provide for them any longer so they he is use to a home as well as housebroken. Come and meet Frizzy and be prepared to see lots of cuteness.

Sweet boy looking for love!

Spayed Female
Yorkie/Shih Tzu X
13 lbs

Gabby is the sister of the dynamic, double the fun, duo. Frizzy is the male and she is the female and together they make the perfect companions to some lucky family. These social sweethearts are part Yorkshire Terrier and part Shih Tzu. Gabby is 13 pounds and too cute to describe. If double double lovin and double fun is in your future, send your application in ASAP. This adorable pair will scooped up fast as soon as someone meets them.

Double lovin !

Spayed Female
German Shepherd
55 lbs lbs

Yes, Garbo is a total darling! She is a stately German Shepherd and very beautiful. This lovely lady is an older gal approximately 8 years old who hopes she will find someone to love her forever. She's a quiet girl who just wants to be by your side. As soon as you meet her you will fall in love. Please give this incredibly sweet Shepherd a chance to find her forever family.

Someone very special is waiting for you!

Spayed Female
Beagle X
15 lbs

Gilda is a beautiful red Beagle mix with a great personality. She's super friendly with other dogs and loves people. She did not have a good life before coming to us so she hopes someone will come in to give her the opportunity to show them what an amazing companion she can be. She will give you unconditional love and be the best friend you've been waiting for. She was born the end of June so is still quite young. She's at that age where she's eager to learn and all she needs now is you.

This special girl is ready for a home of her own!

Spayed Female
Am. Staff. X
80 lbs

You will have to search far and wide to find a pooch who's as sweet as Jasmine. This American Staffordshire and Boxer mix is a total lover girl. She's 5 yrs. young, very well behaved, keeps an impeccable kennel and is past the terrible twos, though she still loves a great game of fetch or any other game she can con you into playing. She would prefer to be the only dog but only because other dogs scare her. Jasmine is not only a sweetie pie, she's also very beautiful and has a short coat of brown and white, a black muzzle and dainty white socks. You must meet Jasmine and see exactly why we say, "to know her is to totally love her!"

Get ready to fall in LOVE !

Spayed Female
Boxer Mix
50 lbs

Within 3 minutes you'll know why Kissy has her name. She's a total lover girl! She's only 4 yrs. old, is a Boxer mix weighing approx. 50 lbs and has a sweet personality. She's great with other dogs and loves everyone. This little missy can hardly wait for a family of her own so she can devote every day to making them happy. Get your application in quickly for a chance to spend the holidays with a dog who will help make them the best days ever.

Kissy Will Make Your Day!

Spayed Female
Foxhound/Lab Mix
20 lbs

She's the one...she's a beauty...she's a sweetie and she's a keeper! Your lucky day is fast approaching. Marmalade is so cute and loving and all the best puppy traits rolled into a 20 pound ball of fun. Her mom is a Fox Hound but she looks just like a little Lab puppy. She's 4 months old, and has a short tan coat and cute floppy ears. You will have the toughest decision of your life trying to decide which puppy in this litter to be your lifelong companion.

Lots of fun in a cute package!

Spayed Female
Cesky Terrier
20 lbs

Royalty has arrived. Nala is a Cesky Terrier with a black and touch of tan medium hair coat. Unfortunately her lovely coat was extremely matted and she has been clipped down at this point, but when it grows out it will be beautiful once again. She's 5 yrs. old and weighs approx. 20 pounds. She's very sweet and loves to play. She's good with other dogs but has never had the chance to play with them so she's not quite sure how this play thing actually works. She is learning and seems eager to make friends. Come and meet this gorgeous gal and see for yourself why we think she's so special.

You'll say WOW when you meet Nala!

Spayed Female
Hound Mix
40 lbs

Good golly...wait til you meet this little cutie. Her looks are unique and her personality is priceless. Naomi is white with a few tan spots and one in particular will have you mesmerized. She's 2 yrs. old, is housebroken, has short hair and only weighs 40 pounds. The holidays just got better if you adopt Naomi. I'm sure she loves celebrations of any kind as long as she's with you.

Cute patootie with lots of love to give!

Neutered Male
Beagle/Pug X
30 lbs

Papa is ready to settle down with a family who will love him. He has personality plus! He's a total lover and gets along with everyone. This 3 yr. young boy has one small medical issue which is healing every day. His previous owners allowed an eye infection to go untreated which led to him losing sight in one eye. This sure doesn't stop him from seeing you at great lengths and racing to you to get some loving. Come and meet the sweetest Beagle and Pug mix you'll ever have the opportunity to meet.

Mr. Personality Is Anxious To Meet His Forever Fam

Spayed Female
Hound/Dalmation X
40 lbs

If you tried to pick out the craziest color combinations and added a big ol patch around one eye, you'd succeed in painting a picture of Pixie. She is a crowd stopper and anyone who meets her comment on her cool coat markings. Pixie is a hound mix but with her unique spots we believe she may have some Dalmation somewhere in her mix. She's a year and a half old, weighs approx. 40 lbs and loves everyone. She's great with other dogs and has a sweetheart personality. This cutie patootie is starring out her window in anticipation of your arrival and the possibility of a forever home.

This sweetie is a show stopper!

Neutered Male
70 lbs

If you've heard Bloodhounds are laid back, super sweet and love every one they've heard right! Ranger is a trooper who goes along with everyone and everything you ask of him. He's a big boy with a huge heart. He's a year and a half old, weighs in at a mere 70 pounds and has a smooth brindle colored coat. For your fireside companion, look no further!

Mr. Chill Is Waitng For You!

Spayed Female
14 lbs

Scarlet must have been named for her color, because she is a beautiful shade of red with a grey cutie patootie face. She's a purebred Pomeranian who weighs 14 pounds. She's 6 years old and came to us from a backyard breeder. She has adjusted to real life and is ready to show her love to a forever family. This little lady deserves so much and has so much to give. Send in your application soon and come and meet your soul mate.

Lots of love in a beautiful package!

Spayed Female
Spaniel/Beagle X
32 lbs

Suzie is three yrs. old and a medium size Spaniel mix with white fur and huge black spots. With her sweet personality she will make a wonderful companion to other dogs, kids, people and possibly other critters, too. She's past the puppy stage and all those crazy antics that go along with the younger set. She's perfectly happy to walk nicely on walks, sit quietly during TV time and will play when you're ready. If Suzie seems like a good match for your family, send in your application and get the chance to meet a fantastic gal.

Look no further...this gal has it all!

Spayed Female
11 lbs

If a sweet foxy lady is what you are looking for, this girl is for you! Suzzi looks just like a beautiful fox with her long red hair and huge fluffy white tail. She's 4 yrs. old, weighs a mere 11 pounds..... hopefully she will put on a little more weight now that she is being fed on a regular schedule. Her previous life was rough and meal times were questionable. She is a true survivor who needs someone to tell her what a sweetie she really is. Remember her name...Suzzi, the foxy lady, when you fill out your application to make her yours.

Good things come in small packages!

Spayed Female
40 lbs

Some dogs have the sweetest expressions and eyes that can look right through you. Taffy is one of those special girls who has these abilities. She's only 4 yrs old, a beautiful tri color Fox Hound...basically a cute Beagle but taller and a little heavier at 40 pounds...and a nice short hair coat. She came into a kill shelter with her 4 babies and they were all destined for euthanasia. Now rescued, they are ready to meet their forever families. Come and meet Taffy and her little ones and get ready for some serious kisses.

Sweet girl looking for love!