Man's best friend ... until one has shared the company of a dog, they cannot understand this simple truth!

Dog Adoption Process

To see and or adopt any of our animals you must first complete this Application and mail, fax, or email it to the address included. The application will be reviewed and you will be contacted to schedule an appointment to view and complete the adoption process. You are under no obligation to take any animal once the application is completed!

Once we receive your application, someone will contact you within 24-48 hours to review it and answer any specific questions you may have. Our dogs are shown by appointment only and are not kept at our main facility in Fairfax.

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Neutered Male
German Shepherd
80 lbs

Bear is a gorgeous, intelligent 5-year old German Shepherd who loves to play with other dogs. He is housebroken and loves to go for walks. He has some challenges that will require experience and patience. Bear suffered some neglect before coming to us and does not easily trust. Unlike most dogs, he has a particularly hard time warming up to women so a male-only household is preferred. With time and patience, you will be rewarded with a loyal and loving companion. For more information about this wonderful boy please send in your dog adoption application. Please come and meet Bear and show him he, too, can have a forever home.

Beautiful boy!

Neutered Male
Lab/Hound Mix
25 lbs lbs

Two super sweet boys have arrived just in time for you to take them out for walks during those wonderful fall days. Flannel and Tweed are Lab and Hound mixes who were born in June 2015. They weigh 25 pounds but both came in very skinny and are in need of some good food on a regular basis. They are filling out nicely and with their pretty Brindle coats they will be very handsome boys in no time at all. They are great with each other, with other dogs and love attention from any age person. To check out these cuties, send in your dog adoption application real soon.

These Twins Are Ready For Their Forever Families!

Spayed Female
Foxhound X
60 lbs

This graceful long legged beauty is Grace. She's beautiful on the outside and just a beautiful on the inside with her sweet personality and loving nature. She is a lover to all. At 60 pounds she stands regal but always with a smile. Grace is 4 yrs old and can hardly wait to have a forever family. Make your appointment to meet this sweetie and see for yourself why she's a favorite of ours.

Beautiful lady with a heart full of love!

Spayed Female
Am. Staff. X
80 lbs

You will have to search far and wide to find a pooch who's as sweet as Jasmine. This American Staffordshire and Boxer mix is a total lover girl. She's 5 yrs. young, very well behaved, keeps an impeccable kennel and is past the terrible twos, though she still loves a great game of fetch or any other game she can con you into playing. She would prefer to be the only dog. Jasmine is not only a sweetie pie, she's also very beautiful and has a short coat of brown and white, a black muzzle and dainty white socks. You must meet Jasmine and see exactly why we say, "to know her is to totally love her!"

Get ready to fall in LOVE !

Neutered Male
Poodle/Peke Mix
16 lbs lbs

Don't let his age of 6 yrs fool you into thinking Lou is at that age where he wants to settle down. Old would never be a description for this sweetie. He has plenty of energy for kisses, walks, talks and counts the minutes until play time. He's a white neutered male Poodle mix with all the intelligence of a Poodle and all the cutie patootieness of a Peke or other small breed. He is only 16 pounds which makes him the perfect size if you are searching for a small dog who loves to be right by your side. Get your application in quickly for Lou or he may have to enjoy his cuddle time alone.

Get ready for some fun!

Neutered Male
Terrier Mix
15 lbs lbs

Max is a little loverboy! He is only 15 pounds and wants to make sure all of it is on your lap. At 6 yrs. old he's a very low key boy who loves attention but doesn't need a lot of exercise. He's a Terrier mix with white curly hair and a touch of grey. He has a sweet face to match his personality. He's up to date on all his medical needs and very much needs to find a new home. His previous owner could no longer care for him, so he is sad and is missing his naps and TV time. Give Max a chance to find someone new to love him.

Adorable little guy!

Neutered Male
Labrador Retriever
70 lbs

Everyone loves a Lab and you will absolutely love Maxwell. He's super friendly and has all the great traits Labs are famous for. He's housebroken, great with older kids and all people but prefers to be an only pet. He's approx. 70 pounds, 5 yrs. old, has a short black coat and very good on a leash. He has energy when you want it and loves to run and play but is also a great snuggle bunny when playtime is over. Come and meet this handsome boy and get ready to fall in love.

Handsome and Sweet Boy!

Spayed Female
Border Colllie Mix

Missy has a sad story to tell. She lived with a wonderful lady who loved her dearly. Her owner was killed in a car accident and she no longer has her wonderful home. She's 9 yrs. old, is a black and white Border Collie mix and very gentle. She is a low energy girl and would prefer to just be by your side. She loves her casual walks and is fantastic on the leash. She's housebroken and has impeccable manners. She still has lots of love to give so please find room in your heart and home for Missy.

Wonderful Girl Who Really Wants A Forever Home!

Neutered Male
Beagle/Spaniel Mix
80 lbs

When you meet Moose you'll know exactly why this is his name. He's 80 pounds of pure sweetness and 80 pounds of fun. He's a Spaniel Mix with a touch of Beagle tossed in. His white fur with tan spots and a tail with a spot of black makes him a total cutie. He's good people and loves to go on walks. He's housebroken and very well behaved. He will snuggle, play, snooze or whatever it is you have in mind to do, Moose is ready to join you. Get your application in right now so Moose will be there to start fall fun times with you.

Big Boy and Big Heart!

Spayed Female
Beagle/Fox Hound Mix
50 lbs lbs

Come and meet Nicole if you want a super sweet girl who has personality plus. She's a medium size tri-colored 2 1/2 yr old Beagle and Fox Hound mix with a cute face and silly expressions. She's 50 pounds of fun and can hardly wait to find a friend who loves to play games of fetch and go for long walks in the park. This may be your lifelong companion so get your application in soon before she's trotting on the trails with someone else.

Super Sweet Girl!

Neutered Male
Walker Hound
50 lbs lbs

This strikingly handsome boy is named Preacher. He is a gentle Walker Hound with a gorgeous white, black and tan coat. He's 5 yrs. old, housebroken, walks very nicely on a leash and is great with other dogs. He's a very sweet boy who loves to be by your side. Come and meet Preacher and see for yourself why he is one of our favorites.

Beautiful Boy Inside and Out!

Neutered Male
Saint Bernard
125 lbs lbs

It took Sampson 5 years to perfect his sweet personality. This wonderful fella is a 125 pounds but as agile as a puppy. He's a purebred Saint Bernard who loves to get attention. He would do better in a home with older children. He's a boy who needs to find someone to love him. If Sampson chooses you to love he will love you forever and unconditionally. Hurry and send in your application for this beautiful guy and get ready to be loved forever.

Gorgeous Big Boy!

Neutered Male
Shep/Hound Mix
40 lbs

Your BFF has just arrived. Ted is the perfect pal you've been waiting for. He's a cute year and a half old Shepherd hound mix with floppy years and a black and tan coat. He has the sweetest personality and almost does flips just to get your attention for some petting time. He is great with other dogs, is very gentle and at only 40 pounds is the perfect medium size companion.

A Very Sweet Boy Is Here Just For You!

Neutered Male
Lab/Hound Mix
25 lbs lbs

One look from Tweed will have you falling in love with him. This boy has such a sweet face you'll feel a little tug on your heart as soon as you meet him. He and his brother Flannel came into a kill shelter with every rib showing. Even though they were starved, they still wanted love from anyone willing to show them some attention. Tweed and Flannel are super sweet Lab and hound puppies. They were born in June 2015 and weigh 25 pounds at the present time. They have have gorgeous brindle and white short hair coats. For the chance to adopt one of these sweet boys you'll need to get your adoption application in soon.

A Total Sweetheart!